Wedding Day Details


This page is to show people how much time there was throughout this event. Photographers can only do their job with adequate time allowed for photo taking.

Photographers can help out on a wedding day but they are not wedding planners! As an experienced photographer of 35 years, I try my best to cover the list of my clients requests for their event however, there is no guarantee. Some situations are out of my control for example, the event itself is running behind, wedding party and or special guests aren't readily available for pictures or poor planning, leaving inadequate time for pictures to be taken. Many of these situations occurred at this wedding!  

I'm posting photos, time stamped. Note there was only 35-40 minutes, broken up two times, to get photos taken with the Red Wing Mascot and Priest. With little time, I had to focus on the family group photos first than the bridal party.


I'll open up with the Bronze Wedding Package Charelle selected. All the basic edit files with some customs Photoshop, which are NOT included!

The custom images have my name on them. For reasons unknown to me, the bride was thinking all 1000 plus images were going to be customs. When a client has a wedding album plan (Silver or Gold), adjustment are made for those that need it but most of the time many are good to go.

Bronze - $1,700  (Special $925.00) includes 
8 hours of unlimited photography.
One DVD with high-resolution images with rights to reprint (excluding custom files)

Hourly Rate Plan includes 
$250.00 first hour of unlimited photography - ($50 per half hour additional)

Always arrive 30 mins before to setup.  

(Each photo has the time taken)

Last photo taken at Marriott

First image with the men

Bride arrival and first person down the aisle 

Wedding was over at 5:27pm. By the time the 

guests cleared out and the bride making her

way to the gazebo, we started photos at 5:40.

After the Mascot and Father's blessing. I had around 15mins remaining.


  Just before 6:30, the lady's from Burgundy Basin asked, how much longer I would be as they needed to stay on schedule. I knew It was time to head in to the reception. I took a couple more of the B&G and quickly took one of Charelles photo requests but with little time and a bigger party than her sample,

(15 people compared to 11. Notice that photographer cut a groomsman out on the RHS too! 

Look at the red box area to see the groomsman jacket.)

This is not an easy photo to take with little to no time to do so!  

Last daylight image - heading inside

Of course all the photos taken of the introduction, toast and others inside the reception. As I sat down for the dinner that was extended to me, Charelle's mother asked me to take the bride and groom for outdoor photos. I immediately gathered my equipment and did so. It was dark outside and knew the cake cutting and dancing were coming up soon therefore, I made sure we moved swiftly and smoothly. Even focused on a couple more photos in her list too. 

The main purpose of this section above is to point out the time that wasn't available and trying my best to get what she wanted. We went right into cake cutting, dancing and all the rest of the excitement the DJ provided by
"Smitty's DJ Services" 

About a week into the basic file editing my PC died but I always backup my work two times. After buying a new PC to complete the job and days later, I made 31 custom photos for her. From her text, she said "thank you" and asked for two more which I made. Days later - Texting many times saying the photos look like cellphone phone  images and other problems. (There are about 36 text. I'm not going to post them all here) I asked many times, give me the numbers of the files and I'll take a look. "She never did!” Instead she text me, "give me money back” plus, saying it was a waste of time taking photos of the photo-booth - FYI, I took 4 candid the first time than 5 more later on when the B&G went up there. The one that is her profile image isn't mine. Nine photos out of 100's! She kept on complaining about this and that over and over wanting money back. I believe this was her motive from the start! I tried my best to work with her. It was made clear to me that she was never going to be happy! 

When planning a wedding, looking for particular photo or look please make sure you find the appropriate location and give adequate time to create. Fact in point, her location did not have a balcony or a bridge available.

I sent 31 custom photos (without water marks) trying once again to make her happy however, days later, she started again with "Give me money back!" She sent a text stating there is only 10 photo out of over 1000 she said were good yet she posted approx. 30 photos (blocking me so I couldn't see her posting them) with her friends saying they loved them and her saying “Thank you”. 

I was going to post the screenshots photo of all the custom work here with a sample of nine with all the comments and her saying thank you ♥. Why, didn't she say, thank you but they aren't that good?! Blocking me as a Facebook friend too! Tells me she was hiding them to continue hammering me to get some money back! Wow! 


After being harassed so much, just about everyday and seeing all that is posted here with nothing but harsh words and threats (see last texts),  I continued to be very professional. After awhile I could tell she was scamming me.

In ending, I'd like to point out some key areas I mentioned earlier. Charelle was focus on blaming me for things that were out of my control. There is no way over 1000 images are no good! You can't go by what other photographers say. Photographers have their own style and she picked mine!!  Professional people should act professional and making negative statements about someones work, is very unprofessional! Bottom line is, it's up to the client to decide what they want in style, price and personality! Anyone dishonest or unprofessional will be blocked in my book. We have too much negativity and drama. Unfortunately, FB seems to be the platform for such idiocy. Quick to react and attack without proof. I took the time to post this to show you the truth, NOT just a bunch of words!  We all should think before reacting so fast on Social Media. 

"After 1000's of weddings, I did pretty good with only one bad egg!"

Have a Blessed Day....Go Bills! :)

PS - After I catch-up on lost time to clear my name. I'll make a video presentation showing the photos from this wedding. I'll post the link here when it's done

 Thank you

Wayne Panepinto