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Makings of the Perfect Day

With any wedding day, there's always a certain amount of stress involved.  Part of my job is to help you prioritize and plan for all of the photos you would like to include on your special day.  Here are a few tips and recommendations

I've leaned over the years to help you plan your day to go smoothly and stress free.
Number one on the list is Time.  The most important, and often overlooked thing, is to make sure you include enough time in your day to get all of the pictures you want.  There are several very important factors to consider, such as your location, the number of pictures, number of people, and the logistics of getting everyone all together for each shot.  The time involved is often greatly underestimated and is one of the leading causes of stress and unforeseen problems on any wedding day.  However, with a little insight and planning, these things can be easily avoided.

If you plan to have a lot of different group and family pictures taken, consider having a "First Look" session before the actual wedding takes place.  This way, once the ceremony has concluded, your family and friends will be free to enjoy refreshments and conversation before dinner while you and your spouse capture those intimate photos together which celebrate and capture your love and commitment to one another on this special day.

Make sure everyone knows and understands what the plan is.  If your ceremony and reception are at completely different locations, be sure that you have a list of all the different pictures you want, and who needs to be in them.  Be sure that logistics and transportation between locations is set up, and that weather related factors are well accounted for.  Rain, heat, shade, drinking water and a few chairs for those with difficulty standing for long.

Have a well thought out plan that includes a little buffer time, or a contingency plan, in the event things run long.  Consider reminding your friends and family to limit or refrain from consuming alcohol until after the ceremony and group pictures are finished.  Nothing can hinder and complicate this process faster.  Be sure to go over everything with your banquet or catering staff and know what your hard time limits are.  It's no good to pay a lot of money for deliciously prepared food, only to have it go cold before anyone is able to sit down and enjoy it.

At Photo Creations, we work hard to capture all of special moments and help make your wedding day fun and memorable.  I'm always eager to discuss all of the details and explain all of the things that go into my work.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Wayne Panepinto

Making of the perfect day
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